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2020-09-13 03:30:28 .by[-O-marky]
all the stuff should be back. backend software was updated which broke 17 year old code hence the downtime.

think i fixed most of it, hit me up on irc / discord if you find something broken

New submissions & an update on accepting demos
2016-05-01 16:36:26 .by[-O-marky]
Zyax has sent in a massive upload of cpm.1 demos to take a lot of the first place times. Congrats Zyax! 

We also got new submissions from the old school player Rody as well as a new demo from EKSelenc, see here.

Just a heads up for going forward. New demo submissions must follow the SpeedCapture demo format naming convention and the name referenced in the demo must be the same as your previously uploaded demo names (including case sensitivity) otherwise your demo(s) will not be uploaded.

Fixing these is a long, tedious process which must be done by hand and since these should all be handled automatically by Defrag, I'll simply reject the demos and ask you to fix them before resubmitting them.

Server Rebuild
2015-07-14 06:13:51 .by[-O-marky]
A couple of weeks ago, both hard drives had died in the server powering speedcapture.com. As a result, a full rebuild was done from backups and no data lost.

speedcapture.com also supports ipv6 now as well, enjoy.

SpeedCapture Online Server
2014-09-19 19:51:39 .by[-O-marky]
With the help of and neti of http://q3df.org, there is now an online speedcapture.com ranked server that is part of mDds record system. My hopes are to allow North American players another server to play on while allowing me to troubleshoot Defrag bugs that are incredibly hard to reproduce :)

Still alive!
2013-10-20 14:36:25 .by[-O-marky]
Still alive! Just slow going. Maverick of MaverickServers is working on some cool demo2avi stuff. Will be looking to use his service in the future to convert old and new demo submissions to youtube videos as well with ranking table entries linking to their respective runs on youtube.

2013-03-25 04:45:33 .by[-O-marky]
New release 1.91.22 came out a few days ago. Fetch it here http://q3defrag.org/files/defrag/defrag_1.91.22.zip

Defrag 1.91.21 released
2013-01-03 00:37:32 .by[-O-marky]
Defrag 1.91.21 was released today (Jan 2, 2013). You can download it here. You can view the changelog here.

DFWC 2012
2012-10-15 16:13:47 .by[-O-marky]
Good luck to all DFWC 2012 participants! :D

CPM Wallbugs
2012-09-04 00:57:12 .by[-O-marky]
Please read the bottom of the FAQ in regards to demos using the wallbug issue. Basically, if you send a demo using a wallbug to gain massive UPS before starting the timer by via clipping into the wall, we won't accept it.

2012-09-01 04:01:42 .by[-O-marky]
I apologize for the broken updated and RSS pages. Those should be fixed now. I have moved the web daemon from Apache and as a result, those two PHP pages were broken. Everything works now, though. :)

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