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The SpeedCapture project

This Website is dedicated to all the mad offense Quake 3 Arena Capture the Flag players. Yes, that's right! You'll find the most impressive demos with Flag runs from base to base right here. The demos listed here are not demos found in game where frags occur since the idea is to harvest the fastest possible runs for as many different maps as possible.

The flag capture idea is simple: capture the flag with the lowest possible time by taking the flag from your choice and carrying it to your base as quickly as you can. A run counts with either the red or blue flag, as well as on asymmetric maps. The idea is based off the "Held" time known well in OSP & CPMA. The timer calculating flag held time in OSP/CPMA however is not precise enough, thus we use DeFRaG to measure the time held instead.

Each physic, VQ3 and CPM, has it's own rules, of course, but for the most part both are equal to be valid in the Top 5. Please read the rules before you start recording and sending demos if you'd like to have your times posted here.

You'll find current records for the map of your choice by clicking on the map name on the left. If your favorite map is not in the list but you want to show the world that you are the fastest at that map you should check the .equal[maps] menu to see if your map is already listed under a different name. If you can't find your map there, it may already be on the .forbidden[maps] list. If it's not listed in either, you can send the demo in with a note about the map, as well as sending a link to the map so we can check it out. Most Q3A CTF maps are allowed here.

Some maps are a part of huge .mappaks. You'll find links to websites which have the maps or mods available for you to download here.