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Let my just start by announcing that there are no rule differences in vq3 and cpm, the same rules apply to both physics!

For you're demo to be valid in general it must live up to these criteria, not style 3 though.

You will need Quake 3 with Point Release 1.32. The Point Release is not an option since it's required by Defrag 1.91.08 / 1.91.20 which you also must use. The reason for choosing Defrag is simply because it's made for trickjumping, it has a very good time resolution and many helpful features.

For the moment you must record the demo on your own server, localhost, or on a LAN server with g_sychronousclients 1. Meaning no Internet demos will be accepted.

As for demo recording, you must have started recording before you've grabbed the enemy flag and stop recording after you've captured the flag. Naturally?


  • sv_fps 125
  • g_synchronousclients 1
  • com_maxfps 125 (Not strictly neccessary but useful to keep your demos valid on other boards.)


  • pmove_fixed 1
  • Cheats (sv_cheats 1)
  • Scripts and bots (Such as binding jump to your mousewheel or autofire. Rocketjump is however allowed.)
  • Powerups
  • Holdables
  • BFG
  • Removing velocity pads
  • Lightning Gun knockback

Alternatively, you can execute sc.cfg before running as well. I'd like you to notify me if I have forgot some vital command or setting either via e-mail or irc.

Style 1

This is the old and controversial style 1. In this style, the entire run is done without the use of weapons, movers, teleporters, etc.

However, there are a few exceptions:

Before grabbing the flag you may use any movers on the map, such as velocity pads, teleporters and elevators. You may also use any knockback weapons (for example grenade launchers, rocket launchers, plasma guns) to gain some extra speed.

However, should you use any knockback weapons, velocity pads, etc, you must touch/jump on the ground atleast 3 times BEFORE grabbing the flag.
Although it's not necessary if you're just going to reposition yourself to use an overbounce or something similar. I will judge if you just reposition yourself or gain speed from it, in other words the legitimacy. After grabbing the flag during the run, you may use non-knockback weapons, for example to open slow doors. You may use them for other purposes too, although you'll be hard pressed to find them..

On some maps the autorecord function in defrag doesn't allow you to do these things legitimately. For example, when your default respawn position is away from the flag it doesn't start recording until you're near the flag.
Lets say you're coming with quite some speed and defrag starts recording just a second before grabbing the flag. You'll have a hard time proving that you jumped 3 times before.

Style 2

The opposite of style 1 in short terms. You may use everything legitimate according the general rules in this style.
But there is one exception here to. To prohibit runners from sending a style 1 demo for both styles, you must at least do something which is not allowed in style 1.

Style 3

The only limits in this style is your own imagination, no exceptions! :)
Time is not an issue and there is no point-system bound to this style since it's only for fun.

You can for example do a fancy plasmaclimb, a skillfull backwards run, a sweet 3xrj or a monster OB.

Well you're not totally free, the cap has to be unique for the map. Because I don't like to have 10 identical caps on one map.

Demo Name Syntax

I use a special demo name syntax, which is complete unlike the defrag demo names. There are two resons why I decided to have such demo names. First, it looks like the demo names which comes from OSP or CPMA. And the second reason is database related. I simply re-build the demo name with the data which comes from the db. (Usually: player name, time, map and the style - voila).

My demo name syntax is very easy an well known if you had downloaded some of my demos.


XX-XX-XXX represents your time with 8/1000 seconds. It is also integrated in defrag with the command df_ar_speedcapture_format, which you set to 1 to use it. cpm can be replaced with vq3 and the 1 represents the style(1). This must be a 2 when your demo is related to style(2).

I know that renaming your demos is a bit of work, but remember if you do that work for me I can faster update my site. If your name contains special chars like dashes or a clantag please write only your nickname without that stuff into the demoname and tell me in your e-Mail which full name did you wnat to see in the tables. (I separated demo names from player names. It depends on some sort functions.) I´ll mostly not accept anymore demos which comes with the wrong demoname syntax.