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Why are the rules different to the normal defrag site?

As I lauched my website, there were 3 rules of possible run styles. The lost third style was that one which someone missing here at my webpage: Using no weapons but, jumppads and so on. Well after deleting that style I relaized that my webpage is a bit more special since that happen. Some runs are very hard and more challenging than the normal - with jumppad - way. See cpm(1) demos q3ctf2 or vq3/cpm demos at q3ctf1.

Problems with map woohaa

There are two versions out there and both are used by some runners. So you might get some wired screenbehavior by watching a demo on that map. Please use the pk3 file which has 1.079.058 Bytes. This is the smaller version.

Zip-Mapname is different from the included DM_68-Mapname

There are some demos inside of zip files which has different names like a q3mckinley demo in a puremap3 zip file. The map itself is the same, but the names are different. Sometimes a map author decided to add his map to a mappack. Thus the name has changed, but not the map-construct. To cleanup my website I decided to move maps into the right mappack. If you want to watch the demo you will still need the map with the name from the demo, not from the zip file.

There are TOP5 and TOP 1 tables, what is the difference?

The TOP 5 tables are the normal state. The TOP 1 tables are maps which are not anymore fully supported by my website. The TOP 1 maps are useally boring, to easy or just a 1:0,9 copy of another map. You can still run on that map, but you have to beat the first pleace to see your demo uploaded. The first place is still included in the overview pages, but not in the ranking pages.

Defrag Versions

As some of you may have noticed, some of the demos here span multiple DeFRaG releases, for instance anywhere from 1.90.00 to 1.91.12 or even later. Basically, when the site was transferred to me, all the old demos stayed as well as I felt like beating times in the database was better than starting fresh. Some of the older demos are from many years ago but are still valid here on sc, and to facilitate competition we've kept them here so new runners may try to break those records. While the DeFRaG versions used in some of the demos may be old, its still best practice to follow the rules and adhere to the allowed versions. Older demos can still be played back on newer DeFRaG releases after all.

Truncated Demos

Some clarification about Defrag demos is needed. In older Defrag beta releases after 1.91.08, the Defrag mod suffered a bug where demos would get truncated if you /kill'd IMMEDIATELY after capturing the flag, or would cut off shortly after capturing the flag. These bugs were due in part to a df_ar_ cvar which has since been removed in later beta releases, starting at 1.91.16 and later. It's BEST to avoid releases before 1.91.16 to ensure your demos get accepted as we won't accept those demos that have truncation problems.

lrctf16 differences

There's a problem with lrctf16 mappack, specifically the demos on here use the old .bsp so players using the new lrctf16.bsp will see some oddities during demo playback. For now we're sticking with the old version. To check what version you're using, please use the lrctf16.bsp whose md5sum is: a6fd411726bc8053e61d6a1c3b69ea2c

CPM Wallbugs

Currently a bug exists and is often abused where you can clip into a wall and gain massive amounts of speed before starting the timer. Any demos using this method will be considered invalid and not be uploaded.