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This page contains some informations about common mappaks. We hope it's helpful.

Alliance CTF - Pack 1a


Alliance CTF - Pack 1b


Alliance CTF - Pack 2


Battle of the Sexes

A crazy CTF Mappack with huge maps.



Four CTF maps which are nice to run. The most popular is ctctf2.





6 Maps pak with 5 normal and one terra map


Loki's Revenge



Well these maps are Quake 2 remakes I suppose, but the official Download link is broken. Well try Google instead search.


Mapper collections

This (virtual) mappack contains all maps from Gefs, Doo, Hal and Risc. So if the authors will release another map - it will occur here. That will not happen if the map depends on TA. (example: halterra1)


Misc Maps A - F


Misc Maps G - P


Misc Maps Q - Z



There are only two maps in the huge OSP map pack. Everyone who has installed OSP 1.03a has the maps.



Just download the zip file, extract it and put map 2, 4 - 7 into your DeFrag directory.


Quake 3 Arena

If you own Quake 3 Arena, you already have these maps. :-)


Quake 3 Team Arena

If you own a copy of Quake 3 Team Arena, then you own all the maps listed here.


Space Maps



8 CTF maps made by [TBLm]Juggernaut.


Terra Maps


Threewave - ClassicCTF 2.0

ClassicCTF v2.0 maps!


Threewave - Compilation Pack 1


Threewave - Compilation Pack 2


Threewave - Compilation Pack 3


Threewave - Level Pack

It's not quite clear which are the New Level Pak's, but I guess the maps from q3w1 - q3w8 are the maps.


Threewave - Zoid


Unofficial Map Pack 1


Unofficial Map Pack 2


Unofficial Map Pack 3

Another fine CTF mappack from the unofficial Site.